Over the past few months, I’ve been privileged enough to meet over a dozen of my colleagues; beautiful, intelligent, charming women (and one man so far!) who have completely won me over.

I am transfixed.

I am lucky enough to meet wonderful gentlemen clients who I would likely never have been introduced to otherwise, and in fact that was one of the reasons I entered this nichey little world of ours. But I never considered the lovely women I would meet.

These allies of mine are just that — allies. There is a strong bond and sense of sisterhood amongst us all. Perhaps we compete with ourselves, but not with one another.

These women have opened up to me, shared their stories, their insights, and in a few occasions even their homes with me.

I am eternally in awe and inspired by the incredible people who I have the pleasure to make acquaintance with.

Cheers to you, ladies.