Just over a year ago, I had the unpleasant experience of being “outted” in my personal life. Unsure of how to respond in a professional sense, I chose to do a soft rebrand, dropping “Marla Lyons” from my web presence and picking up the adjective-noun combination “Haute Confidante” hoping that those in the industry would still recognize me, but I would be harder to find by a simple search engine search. 

Now that some time has passed and dust settled, I’ve made the decision to reclaim my Marla namesake. Those in my private life know and accept my profession, and I no longer feel the need to camouflage myself. I don’t regret my initial reaction, I did what I thought was in my best interest, but I am also relieved that I can feel free of that caution. 

My experience revealed to me that I actually wanted to be more honest and to own my life choices rather than hide them (which is partly why I am sharing this story now, despite the fact that it is not a “sexy” blog post), but discretion is still paramount to me, both my own and those I meet, perhaps even more than before.