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City & Culture

I’m always happy to be invited on your itinerary, but if you need me to play personal concierge, look no further! This guide is catered more towards New York since that’s where I call home, but as a former travel agent, I’ve got a knack for searching any place we may adventure!



Sushi is my favorite culinary delight (my greed knows no bound for uni). Happily, omakases are also one of the easiest choices that fit with my allergy restrictions. I'm also a bit of an oyster connoisseur, west coast is best coast!



I have only recently discovered an appreciation for shopping, and I have to credit New York for that. From classic department stores to unbelievably niche shops, I love poking about and adding to my wabi-sabi aesthetic.



My absolute favorite beverage is maple water. A very close second is room temperature still water. Which is not to say I don't occasionally indulge in alcohol, although it is truly in moderation. I am a notorious single sipper, finding it incredibly indulgent to just take a taste rather than finish the glass. 

  • Islay scotch and Japanese whisky

  • extra dirty vodka martinis and egg white cocktails

  • dry white wine and brut nature champagne

  • Svalbardi, the best water you will ever have



I love going to see live performances. Theater, the symphony, comedy shows, dance – I can’t think of an example I don’t adore. I also really enjoy going to antique shows and auctions houses. Above all, I love a spa day: massages, facials, scrubs, soaking bath, any and all of the above please!