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Of course I hope that you and I can get acquainted and develop a long-lasting friendship. But variety is the spice of life! Should you find yourself wanting to invite someone else into our time together, below is a list of colleagues who might just satisfy that desire.




These few are my true blue. I know them intimately, and we have established chemistry together. Whether with me or without, for a few hours or several days, I can confidently speak to the felicity they will bring to anyone lucky enough to meet one or all of them!


I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting all of these fine folk in person, and have been charmed by them in a variety of ways. Who dares to see what our mutual attraction will create when given the opportunity?


Though we've not yet met, there has been a virtual rapport, either through email or Twitter, and there is something that draws me to each below. Somehow, distance or schedules have prevented us from in the flesh introductions. Perhaps you will be the one to create a space for us to meet.