Independent New York Escort

Fees & Contact

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  • $3000 for 3 hours

  • $1k per additional hour

  • shorter engagements available for duets - inquire for fees

Extended & Overnight & Multi-Day – inquire for fees

  • Day rate: Want to keep me to yourself all day? Whether we spend the full day together or you simply have me clear my schedule so I can be all yours when you get out of meetings, I relish wiping out all my commitments on my calendar for the day so I can focus just on you

  • Overnights: I love nothing more than a full night’s sleep followed by rolling around naked in bed the next morning - if you’re good, I’ll even let you join me. If we are spending the night together, please note the sandman always sprinkles at least 7 hours worth of sleep in my doe-like bedroom eyes

  • Fortnight: How long do you think you can keep up with me? My favorite way to get to know each other is to spend lots of consecutive time together. Long and luxurious with plenty of time for both relaxation and play. Multi-day engagements require time to myself each day to workout, meditate, primp & polish

Travel – time plus expenses, see more details below

  • I live in NYC, but am always happy to hop on plane, train, or even helicopter to you wherever you may be

  • Trips along the northeast corridor (like Boston, Philadelphia, DC) are easy so don't require much notice thanks to Amtrak Acela; for anywhere else, with a reasonable amount of notice I’ll be delighted to fly to you

  • First or business class flights plus black car airport transfers are required to ensure a perky arrival


  • deposits and/or cancelation fees are required at my volition to ensure my time is respected

  • monies must be in an unsealed envelope displayed in clear view if in private; publicly, it must tucked in a book or gift bag

  • you must freshen up during our time together, and I strongly prefer no cologne or detectable scents, including cigarettes

  • I happily offer references, notify me before sharing my email so I know that inquiries of your character are by your consent

  • email is my primary means of communication, unless we are traveling - texting and phone calls are not discreet practices

  • screening compliance outlined below is mandatory and alternate suggestions are unacceptable – there is a difference between establishing that Warren Buffett exists, and proving that you are Warren Buffett; simply sending a LinkedIn profile or telling me to google you does not accomplish identity verification (that being said, if you happen to actually be the Oracle of Omaha, hit me up)


  • references from reputable independent colleagues of mine and/or employment verification

  • work verification will require an email from your company account (I'll provide an unpublished inbox for this purpose after your initial inquiry)

  • if you have legitimate celebrity concerns, I have an established workaround (legitimate celebrity means having a verified twitter, wikipedia entry, etc — not just that you are well-known in your given industry)

  • IDs will be checked upon meeting


Let’s meet!

Full Legal Name *
Full Legal Name
no google/internet/burner numbers - this is for screening purposes only, I will not text or call without prior consent
Provide names, email addresses, and websites for reference checks. For employment info, please add company website and your title or LinkedIn profile (further verification happens later)
Approach our correspondence as you would a traditional dating website and share as many details about yourself as you like – we only get one first impression and since I'm very selective about who I invest my time and energy into, the more thoughtful your note the more compelled I'll be to reply