Time Together

Japanese cuisine, sushi in particular, is my favorite culinary delight. My greed knows no bound for uni. I'm happy to take you to one of my tried and true omakases or explore new ones together. I'm also a bit of an oyster connoisseur, and would be very merry indeed slurping back half-shells together – west coast is best coast!

My absolute favorite beverage is maple water. A very close second is room temperature Fiji water. Which is not to say I don't occasionally indulge in alcohol, although it is truly in moderation. I am a notorious single sipper, finding it incredibly indulgent to just take a taste rather than finish the glass. When I do drink, favorites include Islay scotch, Japanese whisky, extra dirty vodka martinis, egg white cocktails, dry white wine and brut nature champagne.

I love going to see live performances. Theater, the symphony, comedy shows, dance – I can’t think of an example I don’t adore. I also really enjoy going to antique shows and auctions houses. Above all, I love a spa day: massages, facials, scrubs, soaking bath, any and all of the above please!

Presents in Person

08 table.jpg

If you have extra wrapping paper you'd like to put to good use, my shopping lists at Amazon and Net-A-Porter have goodies that want to come home with me. If you'd like to really make me squeal, I adore both new and vintage watches, particularly Patek Philippe's Calatrava and Cartier's Pasha, and handbags by Hermès, Givenchy, Prada and Céline. 

I'd actually prefer a terrarium or succulents over flowers, but I do also enjoy receiving local and sustainably-grown flowers for a splash of color every now and then, especially orchids!

Virtual Gifting


To bring a smile to my lips even from afar, I love getting gift cards! I can always use a generous shopping budget at Net-A-Porter, vintage finds on Etsy, a therapeutic massage or a trip to the hair salon. You certainly can send the ecard to my listed email, but for extra discretion contact me for an unpublished email to send it to.

If you'd like to send me something gift wrapped, I have an Amazon wish list for every budget!

Want to send me flowers? I actually prefer potted plants, they add life and energy to my home, and last much longer (the better to remember you, my dear!). 

Charitable Giving

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A sybarite I may be, but I am also a humanitarian. These organizations do good work, and I am proud to contribute to their causes and encourage everyone to do the same: 

NYC health center providing sensitive, quality healthcare and related services targeted to New York's lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities

Independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest

1000 Girls Initiative
Female education in Guatemala focusing on breaking the cycle of poverty and forming a new generation of educated women