Independent New York Escort
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The Sweet Life

When I was a young girl, I often fantasized about being a kept woman, living a rich, urban life in a penthouse overlooking Central Park or the Eiffel Tower. I did not dream of having a white-picket house in the suburbs with children to tend to – rather, I saw myself jet-setting around the globe, meeting fabulously interesting people, taking classes in tea ceremony or salsa dancing, with some a gracious lover accompanying me when business did not take him away. 

So, you see, in a way, this has always been my calling. 


I see this as a lifestyle. I suspect the below proposal may not appeal to the vast majority, or perhaps even be a financial possibility to most; however, a well-lived life is about quality, not quantity, so if you are interested in what a long term arrangement could look like, read on. 

In an ideal scenario, you would provide my living expenses, mentorship, and take me with as well as send me on travel adventures, pamper me with gifts and indulgences, and offer personal funding. Over time as our relationship develops and bond deepens, we will discuss the long-term: real estate, trusts and what our roles in each other's futures will be. How entwined we become in each other's lives is up to us and our own desires and boundaries. 

I should be clear here that this is not about possession: the courtesan and patron relationship is far too evolved for the trite concept of an entitled relationship of owning one another. While it can be a way to take me off the market, if that pleases you, my heart is filled with infinite love and my body lust, and I will not be beholden to anyone in such a way that limits that. Presumably, if we've gotten so far as to consider this possibility, you have developed a fondness for the free spirit that I am, and wish to contribute to my life in a way that elevates me, not stifles who I am. 

This is all merely a preamble, to let you know that I am open to a world of possibilities. Naturally, we must first meet, connect, and be excited about each other. If you find yourself intrigued by what you've just read, turned on by the thought of living as a true benefactor, consider this a planted seed that we will water together over time.