Independent New York Escort
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Though our time together is a pleasure, I expect to be treated with the same respect as you would any other professional. Lawyers and architects require retainers, spas and hotels require deposits and have cancellation policies. My deposits are required for a number of reasons, including, though not limited to: 

  • ensuring tangible pre-engagement expenses are covered – travel costs, accommodations, etc.

  • compensating for non-engagement time spent – verification, travel planning, wardrobing, etc.

  • lost opportunity cost – when I accept your invitation, I decline other potential professional and social engagements; a deposit ensures that, should you need to cancel, I am still compensated

Whatever the reason, it is with pragmatism behind it. I pride myself on my stellar reputation, and have no intention of damaging it. I will always return your deposit should I be the one to cancel our engagement. 


I have a variety of payment options, varying in convenience and discretion. 

  • PayPal – I can issue an invoice via my consulting company; this will send from an unpublished email address, which even a thorough search of the company name will not link to anything indiscreet, billed simply as a web purchase (exact transaction statement description will be present on the invoice for your clarification)

  • Cash – I will provide you a mailbox service address where you may ship via UPS or FedEx with tracking; please tuck inside a greeting card or a book, and do not insure or claim cash as the item

  • Wire transfer – for five-figure amounts, you may deposit directly into my business checking account