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A lot of changes have been happening in our little floating world. Legislation is being passed that makes it harder for net neutrality, privacy, and operating an internet presence in the US. Ever adaptive to change, I am tightening up the ship. In lieu of a proper blog post, I will update you with my most recent tweets, for those of you who don't follow me on Twitter, as they are illuminating to the changes that are going underway: 

  1. If we haven't met or corresponded yet & you might like to meet me ever, you should email me ASAP! I might go UTR so it's imperative that we connect now. 
  2. I will soon only be replying to emails from Protonmail (I recommend selecting the .ch option). Eventually, I plan to set up an auto reply in my gmail account instructing people who wish to contact me at my new address to set up their own protonmail account, and I’ll only be replying to those with such accounts. https://protonmail.com/signup
  3. Worth noting: the above applies to both clients and colleagues. Reference checks are going to be even *more* important if safety check sites disappear, but we all need to make sure those references are encrypted end to end.
  4. Also good to know: all subject lines, even in protonmail, are never encrypted. Only the message bodies are. Keep that in mind when writing your subject lines.
  5. I will be keeping my friends page, although now locked and only available to those who are screened. 

I am also preparing to host my website offshore, possible under a new domain extension (not dot com anymore, read about the CLOUD Act H.R. 4943 to find out why), so should you try to visit this site someday and it no longer exists, just plug my name into your favorite search engine (if you care about privacy, StartPage is a great option, and for your browser choice I suggest Epic), and I'm sure to pop up somewhere.