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I have a plethora of backlogged blog posts I have sitting on, but since it’s the holiday season, I’m bumping this one up to the front. I’d like to appeal to anyone with philanthropic tenancies to consider a non-profit that has recently become near and dear to me: the Virginia Children’s Book Festival.

The Virginia Children’s Book Festival is located in Farmville VA, but serves a region stretching from Roanoke to Richmond.  The town itself was a part of the Brown vs. Board of Education decision, and it’s in an area where illiteracy still runs rampant in both children and adults. It is a rare and treasured thing to own a book.  This festival runs for two days and brings in authors from across the country to run workshops and reading groups and just generally get kids excited about reading.   

 For 2015, they have the amazing opportunity to bring Jacqueline Woodson here to work with our young people (she recently won the National Book Award, and amid some controversy during the ceremony has remained a figure of pride and grace).  After everything that has happened this year in Ferguson and now in NY, they feel like it’s important to highlight diverse books and show both characters and authors from different backgrounds achieving success. Every single dollar goes directly to putting on this festival, to bringing in authors and bringing books to children who would not otherwise have access to them.  The festival is free for all attendees. Every person involved in the organization is a volunteer, no one receives any remuneration and all of the organization’s operating expenses are donated.  

Truly any size donation is considered a huge help. As a lifelong bookworm, and someone who has had the direction of her life changed from a handful of books, this organization touches me deeply. My enduring adoration to anyone who chooses to give!