Independent New York Escort
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Five Fast Facts

1. My first car was a Dodge Shadow. It was smurf blue and an automatic. I never learned how to drive it, and to this day still can’t drive stick to save a clutch. 

2. When I finally got a car I could drive, I use to keep bubbles in the glove compartment. Whenever I was stuck in traffic, I’d blow them at other commuters, and give us both something to smile about. 

3. Although I grew up in Boston, I never went to a Bruins, Patriots, or Celtics game. I did go to Fenway to see the Red Sox play a couple times, though. It’s like birthright, they don’t *make* you do it, but… 

4. Speaking of birthright, though not Jewish, I’ve always felt an affinity for the religion, and know more about it than the one I was born into and practiced growing up (I don’t subscribe to any religion now). 

5. While not religious, nor “spiritual” (a term I find for some reason is misused with vigor), I am bewildered and humbled by the vastness to which we do not understand, and enjoy philosophizing with non- and likeminded folk on such impossible matters.