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The Breakfast Club - Basket Case Edition

The Breakfast Club is an 80s classic, and, despite being released the year I was born, one of my favorite adolescent movies. I identified with all the characters, likely because, well, the audience is supposed to. I thought delving into a new theme was in order. Behold, the five part series of The Breakfast Club: brain, athlete, basket case, princess, and criminal. 

Oooh, dangerous topic. But a theme's a theme, so I shall comply. 

While I can't play "Heart and Soul" on the piano with my toes, I do have a few interesting quirks that perhaps qualify me. For starters, I talk to dogs and believe that I understand their innermost emotions (and that they have innermost emotions) that they convey to me through their eyes. Of course, intellectually, I know this isn't true, but there's that little girl who believes in magic and a sort of natural spiritualism that holds onto this as truth, and I just chose to roll with in day to day.

I also have a borderline spectrum-level obsession with bubble wrap.  If there's a lot of it, I'll jump up and down on it for fun, but I compulsively then need to make sure every little bubble is popped with my thumb and forefinger. Relatedly if you're sending me a package, please just wrap the item in recycled paper, unless you like imagining me popping all the goodness surrounding your gift. 

Okay, so, admittedly, these are all pretty cutesy, MPDG type examples. Obviously, I'm curating for my audience. So, for one less adorable example: a few years ago, I went through an ten month period of severe insomnia. Boy, was I a basket case in those months! I'll spare you the details of the battle, but as a result, I am supremely picky about my sleep hygiene these days, a primary reason why I prefer to sleep until waking naturally if my next day's activity allows for it. Messing with my sleep schedule can trigger insomnia spells (usually a week or two which is much better than almost a year, but still unpleasant).