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Kiss & Tell

1. My first kiss was from my childhood crush, the quintessential boy next door. We grew up together, played everything from Capture the Flag to chess together. I was in utter puppy love with him since I was five, and we finally consummated our affections (or at least mine!) after a game of basketball when he accidentally elbowed me in the mouth, and apologized by kissing it better. Later in life, he became a convicted war criminal (yeah, really). Boys will be boys!

2. My first kiss from a girl was in high school from my friend, Melissa. We were by the side of the road waiting for a bus, and she just grabbed my face and planted one on me. I was shocked, and we never talked about it afterward. 

3. One of my most memorable kisses was from a guy whose name I’ve long forgotten. I was at at outdoor concert in Buffalo, a bird landed on my knee, and as it flew away, my eyes followed it and met with his. We spent the night walking around the city, talking, and he kissed me on the stoop of a building. I never saw him again, and it was perfect. 

4. I will totally let dogs kiss me on the mouth. 

5. My last kiss was… hey now, you didn’t really think I’d spill that one, did you?