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“C” is for Chocolate

{I have a tough time picking favorites, so occasionally I will post a short list of cities/artists/etc that I adore, and memories associated with them.}

I have oft been accused of being an enigma – what can I say, I’m layered. Sometimes, though, I’m as cliché as it sounds (see what I did there?). I adore dark chocolate, and while these three aren’t necessarily my favorite, they hold a special place in my memory bank: 

Chocolats Halba – a Swiss chocolate that Lufthansa served on my first overseas flight, the most nostalgic confectionery of the list

Taza – stone-ground chocolate made in my old stomping grounds of Somerville, MA (I spent many an afternoon touring their facilities) 

Vivani – My savior of chocolate! The first bar I discovered that did not contain soy lecithin, an ingredient I can no longer tolerate