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The Advantages of Advances

In the world of high end companionship, deposits are not new territory. More and more, however, prepayment in full has become my standard. In fact, many clients even prefer to get business out of the way first, prompting me before I them. Here are a few reasons why: 

1. Flow

Authenticity is important to me. I prefer having an organic rhythm during our time together, so experiences unwrap naturally. Having the business side of things taken care of in advance solidifies this. There’s no awkward handing of an envelope, no worry if it’s not given at the start whether anyone will forget it, no needing to slip away to make sure it’s the correct amount. I have on more than one occasion not noticed until well after I’m home that an honest mistake was made and had to perform the delicate yet somewhat uncomfortable notification. It's great not having to worry about any potential embarrassments, no matter how rare and unintentional. 

2. Assets

Cash is great for shopping, but it doesn’t do much good when I’m looking to invest. As a forward-thinking gal, I like to plan for my future, and that includes building wealth and investing diversely. Short of taking my Benjamins to Vegas, there’s not a lot options to do that unless I have money in the bank. Making large cash deposits will get you flagged, even if you are paying all your taxes (which I am proud to say that I do!). In this increasingly cashless world, I more and more appreciate transferred funds to digital.

3. Risk

Obviously, trotting around with money rolls tucked in my purse is not exactly secure, nor is keeping it in one’s household. Last year, my apartment was burglarized, and the perp managed to crack my safe. Unlike the insured vintage watches that were nabbed, cash would not have eligible for coverage.