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I got caught in a thunderstorm today. Normally, I shy away from inclement weather, but because I had my floppy sun hat on and was only a few blocks from home, I decided to brave the wet drops. And I must say, I felt like a kid almost instantly. The water was warm and pleasant, and I had that light whimsical feeling you get you do something pseudo-nostalgic and a bit off. I mean, there were plenty of folk huddled under awnings and umbrellas alike, and it was really coming down. But I felt childishly giddy as I strode through the drops carefree. 

Now, the expectation is that I looked like a happy-go-lucky yet still ever polished urbanite whilst on my rainy day stroll, but of course when I got home and promptly hopped in the shower (city sidewalks are a disgusting thing and I was covered in whatever was covering them), I took a peek in the mirror and saw a sad little wet kitten staring back. Expectation did not meet reality. 

This happens often in life, for better and worse. Want to be sure the reality of me meets up to your expectation? Check out my private blog to see uncensored and unedited headshots -- although don't expect to see any of me newly drenched by a downpour (I promise to hire a car if it starts raining on my way to see you).