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(Have no idea what this is in reference to? Read my earlier explanation.)

For whatever reason, two unauthorized movies are made about your life. The first is an independently released documentary, primarily comprised of interviews of people who know you and bootleg footage from your actual life. Critics are describing the documentary as “brutally honest and relentlessly fair.” Meanwhile, Columbia Tri-Star has produced a big budget biopic of your life, casting major Hollywood stars as you and all your acquaintances; though the movie is based on actual events, screenwriters had taken some liberties with the facts. Critics are split on the artistic merits of this fictionalized account, but audiences love it. Which film would you be most interested in seeing?

My first inclination was that, since it’s a documentary about myself, I might find the fictionalized account more entertaining as it would be interesting to see what liberties were taken. However, a third party perspective on what your own life looks like can look radically different than your own, even with all the same truths and facts remaining present and the same. Bring on the docu-drama!