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As the holiday season approaches, I've decided to give myself a gift: I have delisted from review boards. 

Part of the problem with escort reviews is that the adolescent exposition that is so famously loathed amongst providers and non-hobbyist clients alike is actually required by the websites. They are well known to reject any review that does not have explicit content, requiring specific acts being mentioned and use of acronyms made mandatory. The rating scales in place are contingent on a companion's "menu items" and are not always applicable to every session. Even complimentary appraisals are tinged with ickiness. All of them are subjective at best, and incriminating at worst.

It's utterly deplorable, but unfortunately they have made enough of a name for themselves that many providers feel it is necessary to be aligned with them. I've known many clients who did not submit reviews, but have found me because of these boards -- they may have just been browsing it as a guest without even a membership to contribute to the site, but were indeed browsing and that's how they managed to find me. Previously.

As advertising options are not varied in this industry, they are huge for exposure, and also provide a sort of credibility that is useful, particularly when you request deposits as high end companions frequently do. So while I did not approve, I opted to keep my alliance for as long as I did for these reasons, and also as a sort of solidarity amongst those who had less of a choice. Ultimately, though, the discretion element has become too important for me. There are many bills being passed and proposed that increase an already inflated risk of being targeted online by those with an agenda to take down escorts, and in the interest of self-preservation and my clients' circumspection, I have formally delisted. 

I appreciate the support and understanding, both to those who I already know and perhaps even more so to those who will meet me for the first time without these publications to help lead you to me.