Independent New York Escort



What brings you pleasure?

Me, hopefully.


I seek to be someone who can become a bona fide confidante. An intrepid spirit to enhance your evenings, your travels, your worldview. Ambitious? Perhaps. In this clandestine beau monde of ours, there are many missed connections – let’s not be one of them.

Suitors who suit me best are sincerely generous, not just financially but also in spirit. I recognize and appreciate that time is our most precious resource, so I unapologetically choose to spend mine selectively, and I am flattered by those who choose to spend theirs with me.

I prefer to keep my circle small and fabulous, truly adoring those whose company I keep as they tend to pamper and please me as much as I do them. I love indulging in all life’s pleasures, from the extravagant to the sweet & simple: fine dining, first-class travel, and a well-maintained wardrobe, sure; but even more important are intangible luxuries, like a lifestyle with the freedom to travel the world and explore my many passions, or the simple pleasure of sleeping in as late as I like, to spend the day wearing nothing more than a smile. To play, relax, and enjoy myself and those I chose to meet.

It's a good life – care to join me?