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Welcome to the Lyons Den

(Oh yes, there will be puns.)

This is our secret world, and I'm so excited to share it with you! Away from the eyes of the masses, I feel free and comfortable to show you more of myself. My uncensored body that begs to flaunt itself; an unobstructed face, too pretty to stay hidden; an erotic laureate, I will share with you some provocative prose. And did I mention the puns?

Please remember, this is by invitation only. You have been chosen to be trusted with these images, do not abuse that trust. Saving, sharing, or otherwise distributing these materials is not only prohibited, it's a super shitty thing to do (that's right, there will also be cussing).

You won't entirely be on the honor system, either - all pages have IP address tracking and sessions will be recorded, so anyone caught being a dick will be booted and blacklisted. Don't fret, you only need fear if you misbehave; this is an analytics tool that is used widely – most of us just don't want to put you off by disclosing this fact.

Ready to play by my rules?