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On Being a New York Escort

Search the phrase "independent New York escort" and you will find yourself with a plethora of lovely women available in NYC to contact. Finding the right match, however, takes ingenuity. While physical appearance is important to chemistry, it is not the defining characteristic. Personality plays an important role, as it does in any dating scenario. You don't want to have nothing to talk about with your dinner date. Worse still to have an incompatible travel companion. Rather than turn to an agency service, shrewd clients will seek out an independent confidante with her own personal website.

The dilemma high end escorts face

A successful high class courtesan must be intelligent and savvy enough to carve out her own niche in an upscale market such as Manhattan. She must learn to differentiate herself from other escorts in New York. Even if she is the most expensive escort in New York, simply labeling herself as VIP is not enough. A true high end escort in NYC needs to be poised, polished, and discreet at all times. This means both in person and online. She must make choices. For example, will she market herself as a luxury brand? This is a double-edged sword, as advertising yourself as elite is something one who truly is would likely opt not to do. Will she clearly state she provides a GFE service? The downside is that acronyms lack finesse and lend a certain image that may not be as appealing to the clients she is trying to attract.

Perhaps your truly will be clever enough to find a method to incorporate these necessary search terms in a way that is separate from her primary introductions so as not to clash with her aesthetic, but still assist in your search to find her through the necessary components of finding your perfect VIP escort in New York.