Independent New York Escort



A bit about me

A lithe, sensual creature, offering a charming blend of intellect and quirk, I am warm and playful, with a strong and plucky spirit. A frisky minx, with a cheeky sense of humor, I am at my core an affectionate, devoted companion.

I grew up in a small beach town in New England, went to university in Boston, and moved to New York just a couple years ago. A lifelong bookworm, I continue to read feverishly, and am more often listening to edutainment podcasts in my headphones at the gym than my favorite tunes; I find Sarah Vaughan makes better music for making out rather than working out.

Of course I love to laugh, but more important, I love to make you laugh. While Charlie Chaplin is not exactly my usual cup of comedy, I do think he was onto something when he said, "A day without laughter is a day wasted." 



What brings me pleasure?

  • room temp still water

  • even better, maple water

  • herbal tea

  • beeswax candlelight

  • massages and facials

  • books and bookstores

  • wood burning stoves & roaring fireplaces

  • nigiri sushi

  • dance and theater

  • ravishing women

  • lavishing men

  • potted plants

  • spa and wellness retreats

  • skinny dipping

  • raising a paddle (at auction houses, bien sur)

  • yoga pants and leggings

  • being barefoot

  • eco-conscious bouquets

  • deep soaking tubs

  • poetry

  • the thrill of under me you so quite new

  • new and vintage watches

  • working up a good sweat

  • learning new skills and ideas

  • waterfalls & hot springs

  • sunset over water

  • a well wrapped gift

  • nothing between me and my calvins


These are just a few flashes that come to my mind, and I'd love to share a few more personal ones with you over dinner. I’m sure you can think of a few ways yourself to bring a smile to my lips. Whatever they may be, our time together is sure to be highly stimulating and utterly unforgettable.