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Marla Lyons



"Dreamy. Slim. Raven haired. A social butterfly, pollinating the room with smiles... brainy, yet wickedly erotic."


A lithe, sensual creature, I have oft been described as a charming blend of intellect and quirk. A sybarite at heart, I believe life is a chance gift that I intend to enjoy fully.

I consider myself to be very real. I like to be myself, and not put on airs or a false persona, despite my nom de plume. I encourage you to read my diary to glean a deeper sense of my personality and interests. In short, I am warm and playful, quick to share laughs and intimacy interchangeably. I appreciate the absurd and abstract, as well as the silly and superficial. 

If you have a kind soul, an open mind, and are sincerely interested in making a connection with another human being, then I look forward to offering you the same.

The Fundamentals

I am available to join you at any upscale hotel; visits to private residences demand heavier screening, unless we have already met.

If you require me to secure us a venue, I ask that you contribute +300 to help cover the cost of our room – I'm a bit of a hotel snob, and since I will only secure us the loveliest of accommodations, I'm happy to go dutch on this. 

Verification Methods

Introduce yourself. At a minimum, include your name, where online you found my contact info, desired time and location details.

Share any details about yourself you like – approach our correspondence like you would on a traditional dating website. I require references from reputable colleagues of mine and/or employment verification.

Please email me at


I have a plethora of charming friends who would love to join us should the event call for more than a plus one! Let me know if this intrigues you. 

Persnickety Details

Deposits are required at my volition – I have a stellar reputation that is worth far more to me than running off with a few hundred dollars. As I incur expenses and decline other engagements when I confirm time with you, all deposits are nonrefundable (unless, of course, I am the one to cancel, in which case I shall return in full).

Relatedly, if you cancel our date within 24 hours, a 50% cancellation fee applies, whether I have received a deposit from you or not. Failure to adhere to this courtesy will result in bad karma and a black mark in the client registry

If we're spending the night together, you should know that the sandman sprinkles at least seven hours worth of sleep in my eyes (you will endear yourself to me if you let me sleep longer as when I'm home I generally sleep nine). Multi-day travel engagements require a few hours to myself each day so that I may recharge my extroverted-introvert battery.